Innovative solutions for fire protection

pta solutions gmbh is devoted to bringing new solutions to the fire protection market based on its patented technology that improves protection criteria and allows for more cost effective production processes.


Our technology is based on more than 8 years of research and was initially developed at ETH Zürich. pta solutions was co-founded by the same people that lead this development effort and were responsible for the filing of multiple patents that pta solutions owns or has exclusively licensed.

pta solutions are the result of a more than 10 year long R&D process. 

Head office

pta solutions gmbh

Ohmstrasse 5

80802 München 



Development office:

Ueberlandstrasse 129
8600 Duebendorf



Fon +49 (89) 856 352 35

Fax +49 (89) 856 352 37


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